Membership Options

Full Access Membership – $40 a month
This membership includes the ability to attend any of our group classes. It will automatically renew each month. This is the best per class deal if you are attending multiple classes per week. We want you to enjoy fitness, experience community, be challenged, and encouraged here at Grace Powell Sports and Fitness!
Limited Access Membership – $50 for 10 classes ($5 per class). Choose from any of our classes and attend multiple times per week or as a drop in. Classes never expire. Use it all in a month or over the course of several months. Once the last class has been used you or a staff member can easily renew for 10 more online.

Types of Classes

55+ Strength and Balance – Level 1 

Those 55 years and north, come join us to improve your balance and strength. A balance assessment will be performed by a Physical Therapist every 6-8 weeks of class to be able to monitor objective improvements. This class will be challenging, but worth the work! Balance and strength are so important to healthy aging and help us maintain the ability to continue serving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Functional Fitness – Level 2

Functional Fitness is a 45 minutes class where we will work through full-body cardio and strength training. This class will help you improve your functional strength. You will notice throughout your day that your body is getting stronger with daily tasks. We will also focus on developing healthy habits by making simple, yet impactful lifestyle changes for a deeper transformation.

Circuit Training – Level 2 

Circuit training is a 45 minute class. The trainer will facilitate stations with varied exercises for all abilities. The stations can be modified to meet your fitness level. This class will include mobility, functional strength, and resistance training. Come join a group of others who want to improve their lifestyle and have fun doing it!

Recharge – Level 2 

This class will focus on releasing tension in your muscles, stretching, flexibility, and strengthening your core. Come join this encouraging community with your friends for 45 minutes to recharge while working on your physical and spiritual health. We have mats, weights and blocks available. All are welcome to join in, no matter your abilities!

Cross Training – Level 3 

This high intensity, Level 3 class will be well worth your effort. It is a CrossFit inspired class for those who want to push their bodies to really perform. You will leave this class feeling both fatigued from the work out and energized by the community and goals you are accomplishing!

E5 Men’s Bible Study and Workout 

A work out and devotional time for MEN. This includes singles, husbands, fathers, fathers and their sons! This is a group of men pursuing Jesus together on Saturday mornings from 6:00am – 7:30am. Join us in the Fitness Center with your Bible, notebook, workout clothes/towel/water!