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Yoga-Style Class

In this class, Jenea will focus on releasing tension in your muscles, stretching, flexibility, and strengthening your core. Come and hang out with your friends for 40 minutes to recharge while working on your functional movement. All are welcome to join in, no matter your abilities!


Dynamic Interval Class

Join Sam and a group of others who want to improve their lifestyle and have fun doing it! Each class will be 45 minutes long with a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. Our trainers will adapt to each movement and exercise for all skill levels and make accommodations for injuries and limitations.

High Intensity Interval Class

Are you ready to see drastic changes in your life? Then join Beth for our Reframe Group Fitness Class! For the first 30-45 minutes of class, we will work through full-body cardio and strength training circuits. The remaining time we will focus on taking our thoughts captive, renewing our minds, and developing healthy habits by making simple yet impactful lifestyle changes for a deeper transformation.

Circuit Training Class

Meg’s class, Fit To Serve, is split in two parts. The first 30 minutes we’ll work on mobility, body weight cardio, resistance, and flexibility. The second half is a healthy lifestyle class. We’ll talk about things like meal prep, resilient mindset, and sleep habits. This class is geared toward adults, and it’s also kid friendly! Being Fit To Serve is important for mind, body, and soul for all ages!

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